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Avanzar Tech/GX Partners

Avanzar Tech/GX Partners

Could you describe your company and what position you currently hold?

I am Chirag, co-founder of GX Partners, one of India's Top SEO & Growth Marketing Agencies. We have worked and delivered growth results for High Growth Funded Startups, MSME Businesses, and Early stage startups in competitive niches such as online gambling, mattress, healthcare, finance, etc.

How did you get connected with GroCurv?

GroCurv had run some interesting campaigns on Linkedin and we were quite interested in knowing more. So we reached out to their website and put in our contact details. We got a very prompt call back, and a GroCurv executive spoke to us explaining the process. That’s how our journey began.

GroCurv is like a Tinder for agencies, except that it results with sustainable relationships.

Would you recommend GroCurv? Why?

Yes, I would recommend GroCurv because, in the actual context where the agency world is evolving, its a great way of building trust between agencies and potential clients.

The projects are definitely very well matched to our requirements. It’s a dynamic engine where if we update our case studies and profile, projects also evolve in the same direction. The quality of clients and their paying potential is very good. Of course the 100% payment guarantee is very useful.

Finally the whole client-agency interaction has been productised. With full transparency . Calls are recorded, files are stored in a common work space. So there is never any ambiguity and uncertainty.

According to you, what tagline would best define GroCurv?

My tagline for GroCurv would be: GroCurv is like a Tinder for agencies, except that it results with sustainable relationships.

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