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Content marketing for the Family B2B Business

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In India, family businesses, it is estimated, contribute more than 75 percent of national GDP annually.

These businesses represent a wide cross section of industries. Wide range of turnovers. Different geographical presence. Often focusing on a smaller range of products, over the years they grow with deep and selective customer relationships. These relationships assure them of stability, growth and even immunity from competition. Often, it is the promoter who is directly responsible for several key functions (Sales and Marketing being one of them) and acts as the adhesive holding the company together.

What I learnt from WhiteHat Jr.


I am a fan of WhiteHat Jr. The service they provide is a useful service and which parent hasn’t thought of exposing their child to coding and computer science as early as possible?

We tried a neighborhood center for the same, which was a great experience, and hence when I heard of WHJ, I spoke to my wife to consider this for our son.

And so began our experience and journey.

The Journey to building your online brand – Part 2

Online Brand 2.png

Following from the previous post on the paths we recommend to building your brand, here are some platforms that can aid your journey.

These are social media platforms which rely on shared content to build your brand among a relevant audience. Social media marketing has become a science in itself, and our view is that at the early stage of your brand story, some investment of time is perhaps sufficient to understand and develop your brand online.. gradually, some hiring of “expertise”could help you on accelerate your journey.

What the SME needs today.


Over the past few weeks, more and more SMEs are making the transition from offline and online. There is wide spread understanding that the post Covid world will change the way businesses meet and interact with customers- both B2C and B2B.

Consumers will enter the offline world for transactions out of necessity. Be it malls/ cinemas/ eateries or retail shops. Hence engaging customers at both ends of the funnel- the top and the bottom, will no longer happen at the Point of Sale as in the past.

Hence, the overall interest in learning about digital marketing