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Could you describe your company and what you do there?

Hello, my name is Deep Mehta, I am co-founder of Digichefs. We are a boutique digital marketing company & agency in Mumbai offering integrated digital marketing services.

We have worked with 300+ startups & established brands since 2015, and the rich experience from the hundreds of social media campaigns, content produced, multitudes of campaigns & revenues generated for clients – have strengthened us as a new age digital marketing agency.

When and how did you begin collaborating with GroCurv?

We have always tried to create a clear and distinct positioning. Indeed we have a strong referral based lead engine, and a good volume of incoming calls. GorCurv however solicited us a year ago and talked to us about the matching system between clients and agencies. So access to projects where we know what to expect even before meeting the client. So, we thought it was a good way to start finding new leads without necessarily any pure and hard prospection. From this point on, we started with GroCurv and we had a lot of different projects thanks to the online platform. Our association with GroCurv has gone very well and it continues to be a very good source of relevant projects for us.

Its really like the Amazon of marketing agencies and its worked very well for us.

If you were to recommend GroCurv to a friend what would you say?

If I had to recommend GroCurv to anybody, I would tell him that it allows you avoid any expensive BD resources and cold call prospection. Relevant leads, great platform to collaborate with clients on and 100% payment guarantee. What more can an agency look for in a partner? Its really like the Amazon of marketing agencies and its worked very well for us.

According to you, one line would best define GroCurv?

The Amazon for the marketing agency world.

I need a Service Provider

Discover the perfect agency

or expert for your project.

I am a Service Provider

Focus on qualified opportunities

across the globe.