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Could you describe your company and what position you currently hold?

I am Vishal, co-founder of IMARC. We, at IMARC, provide insightful custom and syndicated market research along with consulting services to our clients. Our tailored approach ensures that our clients achieve unparalleled competitive advantage in their respective domains.

What issue lead you to contact GroCurv and why?

GroCurv has been very helpful in order to find the type of clients we wanted because the market has a huge competition in between agencies. GroCurv´s platform and algorithm has helped us on following the growing path we wanted for IMARC. GroCurv is always searching for business opportunities related to marketing agencies, and it has made it easy for us to find the right projects. Their algorithm does a great job in matching relevant projects to the relevant agencies.

Apart from introductory calls, proposal calls, the project monitoring facility once a project goes live is very useful to keep clients and agencies aligned to the progress of the project. They have been able to integrate technology at every step.

Working with clients on the platform is very efficient and simple. And of course the 100% payment guarantee is always helpful.

GroCurv is the showcase every agency should have

If you were to recommend GroCurv to a close friend, colleague or partner what would you say?

I would recommend GroCurv to other agencies because the platform lets you diversify your business and find great new opportunities. In the 21st century, this type of resources are a very useful support to fast growing agencies.

It helps agencies present the best version of themselves. Expectations are set right on both client and agency side and there is a neutral entity in the transaction to ensure reliability and transparency.

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