GroCurv is selected as TechSparks - Top 50 emerging startups by YourStory!


What convinced you to use GroCurv?

GroCurv reached out to us in 2019 and when we heard about the platform and the ways of working, we were very impressed. This was something new. And we wanted to participate in the journey. And in hindsight, it was a great decision.

What's the biggest added value of GroCurv?

If GroCurv didn’t exist, we would have to fight a little more to find new leads. The greatest added value of GroCurv is that without any efforts, we regularly receive projects. And relevant projects. Then the platform makes it very easy for us to showcase our work. Payments are secure. Project monitoring is regular and disciplined. Its brought a lot of ease to the services transaction.

The greatest added value of GroCurv is that without any efforts, we regularly receive relevant projects and are able to expand our portfolio with great clients.

Could you describe an experience you had?

An experience we had and that was the most positive and structured according to me, is with a client called Freightwala. Through the platform, we got eh project lead. We could showcase ourselves, telling the client that we had the necessary skills and that we had just worked on a similar project and we were ready to meet their requirements. Its a project that continues even today after 15 months. That’s the kind of business we like. And that’s what we get on GroCurv.

So it became a long-term relationship?

Our goal, internally, is not to make one-shots. We want to become partners and work on a long-term. We directly understood that this was going to happen with GroCurv and we are very happy with this partnership.

How would you describe GroCurv in three words?

GroCurv in three words. I would say... disciplined, assured, fair.

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