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What convinced you to use GroCurv?

GroCurv reached out to us when they were starting as a platform and explained to us what they were trying to do for marketing agencies. We thought it was an interesting idea and we decided to participate. Once we saw the kind of clients and projects, we were pretty hooked on.

What's the biggest added value of GroCurv?

The greatest added value of GroCurv is that as long as our profile is updated and accurate (and updated with new work and case studies) , we regularly receive relevant projects. Tied into our interest areas, budgets, core skills. The platform makes it very easy for agencies to showcase their work. Their algorithm works well. Its completely automated from an experience point of view. Documents, calls, messages with clients are all saved in one place. Payments are secure. Its brought a lot of ease to the services transaction. And its FREE.

The platform makes it very easy for agencies find relevant work, with the comfort of on-time payment.

Would you recommend GroCurv? Why?

GroCurv has brought transparency, speed and reliability to services procurement.

They are a very reliable platform; keeping both client and agency updated of every step. Payments are assured. Projects are relevant; we don’t waste time chasing irrelevant briefs or clients who do not have serious interest.

Project briefs are accurate so we know exactly what to pitch. Follow ups with clients are automated, we simply can do with a smaller team for BD now and still get great growth . There is a TAT for every step of the process .

So it became a long-term relationship?

Definitely. We want to become partners and work on a long-term. We have won many clients in a quick period and continue to do so. We see marketing services growing and associating with a platform that brings structure to the entire process, is good for the industry and us.

How would you describe GroCurv in three words?

GroCurv in three words. I would say... Professional, Partners, Innovative.

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