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Vibrant Moon

Vibrant Moon

Could you describe your company and what you do there?

Hello, my name is Ankit , I am co-founder of Vibrant Moon, a digital marketing agency. We are a boutique digital marketing company in Pune, founded in 2016; offering full stack marketing services.

We have worked with 100+ brands across industries and pride ourselves on helping our brands succeed. We build solutions using not only a brand marketing but that is also tied into a performance marketing understanding; that together drives exceptional success for our clients.

When and how did you begin collaborating with GroCurv?

GroCurv reached out to us a couple of yeasr ago and talked to us about the matching system between clients and agencies. So, we thought it was a good way to start finding new leads and relevant leads, which is a pretty useful servcei for midsized agencies. From this point on, we started with GroCurv and we had a lot of different projects thanks to the online platform. Add to this complete transparency on every project and 100% on time payments.

Its really like a personalised "lead generation and business development”’ support and its worked very well for us.

If you were to recommend GroCurv to a friend what would you say?

Relevant leads, great platform to collaborate with clients on and 100% payment guarantee. And its Free to use, This is a powerful promise and GroCurv has always stood by its commitments.

According to you, one line would best define GroCurv?

The one ring that rules them all.

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