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Project Monitoring and Tripartite Agreement

We have recently launched a Project Monitoring module for projects on the platform.  Clients opt in for this module.

In this module, we take advances from the client on behalf of the agency. Typically these are either the monthly retainer, or in the case of short duration projects, as defined by the client and agency.

  1. We set up weekly project monitoring calls which are recorded on the dashboard and shared to both client and agency.  The client also shares his feedback.
  2. At the end of the month, the client authorises us to make payment to agency. We make the payment to agency and raise the next advance on the client.

What happens in case there is a disagreement between client and agency:

  • In case the client is unhappy with the execution of the project, he has to indicate this in the weekly call. When this happens, we ask the agency to stop work till the issue is resolved.
  • In case, the issue is not resolved and the project has to close, we facilitate a negotiation between client and agency to ensure pro rata payment is made to the agency. 

This module is activated ON DEMAND FROM THE CLIENT via a Tripartite agreement which can be seen here. Agencies should assume that every project will go through this tripartite agreement.