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How did you come across GroCurv?

We were introduced to GroCurv through a common agency friend in early 2019. We found the concept interesting and signed up. Their approach is very professional – transparent and reliable. Today, two years from our introduction to GroCurv, we can say that today we are very pleased with this collaboration.

How are you benefiting from GroCurv?

GroCurv gives us projects that are very relevant to our work, pricing and areas of expertise. Their algorithm does this. Each time, we have got real and relevant projects. And the project lead only comes to us once the client has accepted our credentials. The real contribution of GroCurv is the quality of the lead. The project monitoring module is very transparent to us and the client. And we have had no payment failures in 2 years.

We didn't win every project of course, our conversion rates are higher than any other source of leads

What about the New Biz generated?

GroCurv does a detailed onboarding for the agency with our preferences in terms of industry/ services/ budget. Case studies of past work. Testimonials of clients. And these are presented to the client in a very simple , standardised manner.

Their algorithm uses our work and preferences to identify the best match and gives the client best fit 4-5 options. Which also improves the speed of the process, while giving the client adequate choice. The quality of projects and clients are very good. And its free to register on GroCurv.

Why should agencies use GroCurv?

I think any company seeking relevant leads, interesting projects and payment assurance should be interested in GroCurv. In our industry, there is a bit of everything: freelancers, boutiques studios, big agencies, etc. But GroCurv does a great job of understand the client requirement before bringing the agency into play, Its very time efficient for both sides. The client brief ( also prepared on the GroCurv platform) is also very nicely made, so the agencies know what is expected.

How would you describe GroCurv in three words?

Transparency, accuracy and speed. These three qualities are what is typically expected from this kind of service. I don't want to waste time dealing with leads that are not real. At GroCurv, I receive quality leads that always have real projects, no matter if I win or not. After the matching, it's our job to convince the client!

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