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Spicejet Displays the Ultimate Branding Dream

You know brand power when you can recognize a brand without having to look for the name. Just a few elements of the brand identity can establish recognition. Take the golden arches for instance. You don’t need to look for the name to know it’s McDonald’s. Or a bright red background with a white swirl running horizontally over it and you know it’s Coca-Cola.

But a recent incident in the aviation industry in India, puts a rather interesting spin on the topic.

Spicejet inducted a few Boeing 737 aircrafts from Jet Airways following the latter’s collapse a few months back. The company has now painted the planes with its distinct red name. However, it has not done away with the trademark blue and yellow stripes associated with Jet. Have a look.

Spicejet makeover Jet Airways Boeing.jpg

The curious case of twin branding.

That Spicejet does not feel the need to brand the aircrafts like the rest of its fleet definitely displays confidence. Not only does it go against every established code in branding, but also brings up an important point-

How do you ensure that your brand grows to a stage where it doesn’t need to abide by the rules of the branding game?

Consistent Engagement

The more connected you are with your audience, the stronger will be your presence among them. And in the age of social media engagement, there can hardly be an excuse. Get out there and talk. Maintaining public relations means exploring options other than traditional advertising methods to get people to talk about you and build a connection with you. So if you want your brand to stand tall, put together a full proof PR strategy.

Quality is an Experience

While many brands may invest in talking about the quality of their products, it is the ones that really deliver on this count that manage to make place in the minds of the consumer. Work on your product. Because no amount of branding can ever camouflage an empty promise. And an honest delivery is a straight win.

Do You Require to Create a Need?

If your brand still has to create a need in order to sell, it’s probably not where you envisioned it to be. A solid brand has surpassed this stage. People flock to it because of the trust the brand has garnered. It is this trust that allows a Spicejet to boldly display its name next to the colours of Jet Airways.

The fact that Spicejet is doing what it can to salvage the pressure in the aviation sector, adds to its brand image. Never mind the all-red carriers, a simple inscription is enough to assure customers of the existence of Spicejet and its popular standards. For a company to be identifiable without the need to invest heavily in branding, takes a very long time but ought to be the ultimate aim of a branding strategy. Kudos to Spicejet for its confident flight forward. Whether it is a case of confidence or cost-cutting, that’s for time to tell.


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