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Why Green Branding or Sustainable Branding Works

The most common factors that determine brand loyalty are pricing, quality and accessibility. But in times when there is a growing cry around the world for making conscious environment friendly choices, does sustainable branding give you an edge in the market?

What makes a consumer attach themselves to a brand?

It’s the sense of having gained something, by way of saving money, owning a great quality product or simply because it is easily available. However, what about a scenario wherein a brand gives the consumer a sense of having contributed something significant?

Green branding is becoming an increasingly popular trend the world over with more and more brands positioning themselves as environmentally conscious. And what’s more, the brands that are taking this route are being preferred by customers. Especially among the millennials.

From bio-degradable trash bags and recyclable packaging to organic clothing and eco-friendly cosmetics, there are a number of brands that are choosing to align themselves with a green cause of some sort. And then of course make sure the practice is highlighted in their promotions.

Interestingly enough, such kind of brand promotion is actually being liked. And many customers want to be associated with the feeling of ‘giving back’ something, even if it costs a little extra.

Why Is Green Branding Working?

Sustainable fashion brands like Cotton World are all about how a purchase at their store enables organic cotton farmers. Which means that investing in clothes from Cotton World assures that you not only look good but also feel good because you’ve contributed towards a promising future for a farmer who might otherwise be burdened by suicidal thoughts.

The consumer mindset today has shifted as they are not interested in investing in a brand purely on the basis of what it has to offer to them but are looking for brands are reflective of their personality and principles.

Environmentally conscious brands therefore are seeing a surge in popularity as more and more are interested in expressing themselves towards a better future. The image of the consumer is bolstered by the green image of the brand. It grants respectability to both the brand and the consumer, making it quite the win-win situation.

Whether the appeal is made by simply stating facts or by making the consumer respond emotionally towards contribution for a better future, the marketing strategy may depend upon the product and the other market insights.

A Higher Calling

Brands that are walking down the path to sustainability are mostly doing so out of a sense of purpose and awareness that one can no longer overlook the repercussions of consumerism on the environment. Therefore the shift to position themselves differently. A higher calling among the younger lot of entrepreneurs is definitely a reason.

For a brand to thrive, it needs to first commit itself to an ideal and then stay true to it. At GroCurv, we are aware that while branding strategies need to focus on generating higher revenue, there is also a need to share the principles a brand is committed to not only to stand apart but also encourage participation.


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