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One Big Juicy Bite: A Taste of the Apple Marketing Strategy

Apple has been hailed as one of the greatest marketing acts of all time. The brand has placed itself comfortably into homes and hands across 100 countries. Any brand would love to analyze the Apple marketing strategy. It would be the best way to get to where Apple is today, right?

Well, check out these Apple company marketing strategies. There are some great learnings for startups and new businesses here. And while technology and design is one piece of the Apple success story, the bigger picture emerges on the consistency of their approach to new product development and marketing.


From packaging to user interface, Apple is the master of minimalist marketing. Even the brand logo and product aesthetics reflect the base marketing strategy of keeping it simple. As simple as possible. Advertising too is down to the minimum or none. This Apple marketing strategy is focused on making its products very easy to use, even readily adoptable by non-Apple users. Look at any Apple advert out there – it’s a clean creative with just the product picture and the name. Appsolutely nothing else! The key lesson here is to keen everything simple, especially your marketing communication.

An experience ecosystem

Experience is a major Apple marketing strategy. Just un-boxing an Apple product is a user-high. In making its products simple, Apple’s marketing strategy is to make them intuitive. This means great attention to every last detail. It creates an experience of simplicity and enjoyment of simplicity. That runs parallel to the want from everyday life, of every Apple user. The brand encourages apps for every daily action that highlight the experience of seamless and integrated apps available in the ecosystem of Apple apps. So from payments to pulse rate – it’s all there for any Apple user to augment a brand experience.

Apple Products.png

Community marketing

Apple spends minimal amounts for advertising. Surprised? The explanation is the worldwide community of Apple users that it taps into to create awareness, promotion and “noise” for its brand. True to its simplistic branding, this noise is subtle but strong. It comes with every new App Store entry, new product or new promotional campaign. Students, artists, entrepreneurs – Apple encourages each to be creative and be different. They in turn promote via their work, word-of-mouth and by being Apple evangelists.

Building a community for your brand is a great way to build a durable brand. And a community is made by identifying your core target audience and building a deep connect with them. The narrower the core audience, the better this community can be built.


Yes, Apple products and their complementary products are expensive. But rewind a little and recall how the iPod got to every American’s wrist. It was by the use of a simple technology and by a very base pricing marketing strategy. That in turn exponentially increased sales, revenue and brand recognition. So, today, Apple doesn’t blink an eye while pricing its latest products nor does it engage in any price wars whatsoever. It believes in its customer base as much as the latter believes in its favorite brand, and this relationship blossoms into consistent demand and sales.

Having confidence in your product means you can take a stand on “giving up” business that does not respect your brand’s promise. But a customer who buys into your promise once, stays with you forever. That’s why pricing, product quality and the consumer experience are so important to hold dear.


An Apple user from any part of the world can appreciate the easy-to-use, sleek products for communication and entertainment day after day. The brand culture of minimalism, creativity and simplicity being internalized anywhere from Paris to Phuket is achieved. So how is glocalization an Apple marketing strategy? Despite red being off-limits as a brand color, Apple used red packaging to promote sales during Chinese New Year in the country. Some retail locations across the world have become Apple “town squares” that has weekend concerts (among other offerings like free Wi-Fi and seating for public). These gently amalgamate local and international experiences. Apple hoardings pick iPhone pics by users anywhere in the world.

The Apple marketing strategy is coveted. But it would be foolish to try and replicate it exactly as -is for your brand. Pick elements that you find relevant to your brand and products and ingrain these in your marketing plans. To know more about building brands, in a consistent and durable manner, visit us at GroCurv.


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