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Playing Cupid with Indian millennials: Truly Madly in Love with Social Media

Challenging the status quo of India’s traditional approach to matchmaking, Truly Madly was launched in 2014, an online dating mobile app aimed at helping Indians (between 18-35 years of age) seeking love. Founded by Sachin Bhatia, Hitesh Dhingra and Rahul Kumar, the App addressed the need for finding dating partners based on trust and authenticity, apart from matching interests and personality traits. In order to verify the profiles, the team of Truly Madly uses ID proof, social media profiles and the employment records. This App struck cupid with its audience by way of its verified profiles - one of the major reasons why Indians looking for love have accepted Truly Madly.

How did Truly Madly enter the Indian dating scene?

Truly Madly understood the importance of having an impressionable social media presence, as that is where the love seekers hang around. In their endeavor to understand the pulse of their core audience, the marketing team at Truly Madly invested almost a year in research. From the insights of this research, stemmed targeted social media campaigns to connect with potential consumers between 18-34 years of age.

How did they leverage social media?

Digital marketing focused on Social media clearly emerged as the most important marketing channel for the APP. The research encouraged the creative team to come up with fresh ideas around the controversies and stereotypes that existed in the Indian culture around dating. All the digital marketing campaigns created were targeted towards women as they were considered as the first level beneficiaries of Truly Madly.

The research on social behaviour around the dating culture in India revealed to the team that it was key to engage potential female members, which then naturally led to subscriptions by the male members. These campaigns also challenged the taboos around the dating culture in India and offered a take that resonated with the audience.


What were the social media campaigns?

The marketing team came up with a digital strategy that encapsulated creative campaigns focused on their primary USP: verified profiles. For example, ‘Creepy Qawwali’ was a video campaign where they conveyed how they are diligent about keeping all fake profiles ashore. Such campaigns continued to win the hearts of women consumers in terms of safety. The video went viral and gained traction with more than 1.4 million likes on their YouTube channel.

The team at Truly Madly ran multiple successful campaigns like Man Parade, Of Bras & Boyfriends, Frankly Her, Breaking Stereotypes, Boy Browsing and more, which reached the targeted consumers in an effective manner. They consistently carried the message that the App is a clutter-free place to find a date and also lightened the load around dating culture in India.

The success of these campaigns is for everyone to see. The Boy Browsing campaign, for example, broke the stereotype that girls could also browse for ‘boys to date’ and led to 2.5 times increase in the number of app downloads.

Who’s dating the Truly Madly App?

They have made inroads in the tier II and tier III cities of India, which had an incumbent need for a dating platform. They have also expanded their presence in regional languages. They nailed dating as a respectable and trendy medium of meeting new potential partners.

A steady focus on the digital medium, creative campaigns, engagement-driven approach and a good in-App experience led to a distinct brand identity and consistent brand recall. Riding on a base over 2 lakh installs, Truly Madly, has found love right in the midst of the love-seeking Indian millennial diaspora!

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