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What you can do with Digital Marketing – B2B

Lets now skip the part where we are discussing how the world has changed post the pandemic. How businesses are going from offline to online. How people are still hesitant to step into offices, and shake hands. How business development has changed.

From at home tuition teachers to bakers, to small and medium enterprises- everyone who relied on existing clients and word of mouth to grow business has now to take a new look at finding growth opportunities.

As in any stage of an economy, there are always spenders available. No economic contraction is so widespread that every section of the economy shrinks. There are always those little crevices where if you look deep enough, you find the spenders.

That’swhat digital marketing is helping you do better than any other business development engine out there today. Throw a light into deep crevices and find customers who are in need of your services.

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I exist, and I’m useful

If you no longer have a sales team that can actively engage, at a time when you most need to find new customers, then presenting your company and your products/ services digitally is imperative.

Through your website, through a video that you can transmit on social media. Or a newsletter/ email campaign. These have the ability to tell powerful stories, which can be repeated at a massive scale with tremendous consistency.

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I need to find new clients

Content once developed, needs to reach out to the right TG. This is a mix of finding the right audience as well as ensuring our services and products are placed before them.. A good digital marketing agency can work with you to identify the right the target audience. And evaluate which social media they will be on.

For example, micro enterprise owners are often found on Facebook.

But large enterprise decision makers are often found on Linkedin.

And each social media marketing (SMM) platform has different rules. Instagram uses pictures, Twitter uses short messages, Facebook uses stories well etc. How can your story be crafted differently for each RELEVANT platform so that it is attractive to the audience.

Also the proper content formatting allows each social media platform to distribute you content as well as possible organically. (organically- without you spending extra money to do the dispersion).


Get product feedback

People often shy away from giving feedback face to face. This is where digital media helps customers speak their minds freely. Through online surveys on your website, or on the social media you are on a given point of time, or simple SMS messages. Of in App feedback. These are possible because these can be taken at a time of convenience for the client.

Compare your cost of acquisition

Social media platforms are very quick to give you information on how efficiently they are working for you. How much money is being spent, how many people are viewing your content? How many clicked and performed the desired action.

Each platform can tell you the profile of people who have found your content useful, where they were and at what time your content is most effective.

These are powerful bits of information that allow you to be in control of your spends and determine how to maximise spends.

Customer Journey.png

Be agile

Speed of action is defines digital marketing. Think email. It changed the way you sent information across the country. Think whatsapp and sms: Every bit of digital marketing has made time more effective and the same is true of digital marketing.

To be able to plan. Execute. Get feedback. Iterate and then improve. All of this done in days if not hours. This is the power of digital marketing.


So while the world is changing, your brands will rely on transforming your point of view from an offline to online first businesses. You are competing with companies and leaders who are on this journey today. If you don’t immerse yourself in digital, you will be left behind in a world that has now no arguments against going digital.

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