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The Power of Focus for Young Brands

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For a young brand, less is always more. I know we have said this before and certain we will continue to stand by this in the future. We have learnt this from our own mistakes and we have learnt this from the success of other young brands.

A young brand starting out with limited resources needs to tell one strong story to the interested customer segment. If the customer experience is positive the story is validated and connect with the brand begins.

Cars 24 Marketing Strategy: Driving in Success


In India, the buying and selling of used cars has been a hassling experience. It’s been an experience lined with mistrust, unpleasant deals and bitter discussions, until Cars24 arrived on the scene. This unique C2B platform turned the entire trading of used cars on its axle, giving Indian car buyers fewer reasons to look back in rear view mirrors.

Filling a huge gap between existing car owners and aspiring buyers, Cars24 makes the best use of technology to address a human need. The COVID-19 pandemic increased the demand for self-owned cars, as public transport became a potential threat for daily commute. Yet, the financial troubles of the average Indian buyer made brand new purchases overwhelming.

The Ola Story: Time-ly Travel


Ola made travel a whole-new experience at a city level. For those with the public transport woes that encapsulated crowds, unavailability, discomfort or affordability – Ola cabs drove those woes away.

Ola was a dream come true to many an Indian in 2010 – when travelling was a daily necessity for most. And yet, owning a personal car was not a reality for most either. The arrival of Ola, an Indian startup and cab-for-hire service, eliminated the need for the personally owned car. That Indian middle class professional who was saving to buy his own four-wheeler so he or she could show up for meetings in decent shape could now arrive in impeccable form by booking an Ola ride.

Platters, Pandemics and Public Offerings – The Zesty Zomato Story


Move a little, show business. For there’s no business like the food business. Yet, food businesses are no daal-chawal deals. They’re tricky and need the perfect recipe. The Zomato story struck the right ingredients and methods. India’s most successful food-tech app has set an example of a great idea that’s become a global cup of tea.

The Zomato story is a long one – with several challenges and developments that kept the brand on track. Today, it’s the go-to place for any foodie in over 25 countries.

GroCurv features in YourStory’s Tech50 startups, the rising stars in India’s constellation of startups at TechSparks 2021!

Tech50 2021.jpeg

GroCurv features in YourStory’s Tech50 startups, the rising stars in India’s constellation of startups at TechSparks 2021.

Over the last 10 years, YourStory have been presenting the Tech30 — their specially curated list of India’s top 30 early-stage tech startups. The 300+ Tech30 startups including the likes of Freshworks, Niramai, Pixxel, InnovAccer, Chargebee, and Loginext among others have, cumulatively, raised growth capital of more than $2 billion, helped create over 31,000 jobs, are totally valued at $6.8 billion+, and have attracted investments from more than 400 investors.