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How Young Brands Grow: WOW Skin Science’s Story


With over 460 million active social media users (source: The Global Statistics), it is an obvious conclusion that an impactful social media presence is vital for brands not only to increase brand awareness and engage with their audience but also to amplify their product recall and build a positive brand reputation. Additionally, it is a powerful tool for modern marketing and a primary building block of any brand’s digital marketing strategy.



India’s leading plant based health and personal care brand PLIX is on a mission to make wellness a more enjoyable and approachable lifestyle for everyone.

The brand started with a vision to change the way the world consumes plant-based superfoods and make nutrition less intimidating.

So PLIX brings you the best of nutrition in the coolest of form factors that you can imagine. With Plix nutrition - you can chew it, spread it, pop it, drop it, fizz it! Effervescent, gummies, peanut butter, capsules. Interesting and unique products that add excitement and levity to your diet and health regime.

Social Listening: NYKAA


Started in 2012, Mumbai-based Nykaa is an online retailer for stocking and selling multiple brands. Bringing on multiple brands has allowed the Nykaa store to be comprehensive both in terms of products and in terms of pricing. As it expands into new categories, we thought it would be interesting to see how Nykaa has built its engagement with its customer base.

Over the past 90 days (the duration of our listening exercise), Nykaa reached 8.3 Million of its TG through social posts. While most brands were quiet during the lockdown, Nykaa returned on social media very strongly, in conjunction with its sale.

Social Listening – mCaffeine


“In the digital world, you can gather data faster and for any new brand, selling online is a great way to get testimony about the product's quality.” - Vikas Co-founder, mCaffeine.
Not a fancy brand name, commercials, influencers. Just plain Coffee.

Started in 2016, mCaffeine is surely one of the most prominent personal care brands in the market today. Sharp focus on the key ingredient coupled with a pure online presence, has given this 4 year old brand immense status and stickiness in its target group.

As an online only brand, we expected our social listening on the brand to throw up some valuable nuggets. And we were not disappointed.

Social Listening: Luxor


Luxor was founded in 1963 in India by Davinder Kumar Jain with an initial investment of Rs 5,000 and five employees. 

The company was the first to introduce the fiber tip technology in the country in 1975, followed by the launch of markers and highlighters one year later.

As part of our weekly social listening initiative, this week we listen into Luxor pens. A brand who’s equity was built with color pens and pencils and the famous Pilot range of pens in the 80s.