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The best way to WIN new clients for your Marketing agency.


We all know how referrals are a powerful source of repeat business for marketing agencies. When a happy client recommends us to someone he knows, we are riding on the trust of the relationship the two share. This eases the process of creating trust with the potential client. And so, haven’t some of our best wins have been through referrals?

But sometimes the referral well does dry up. Economic conditions change, or clients themselves don’t have any further introductions to make. Sometime existing projects haven’t gone so well. Much can impact the flow of leads for marketing agencies; especially the referral flow.

GroCurv, a sales and marketing services marketplace, is in the “stranger winning high value business from strangers business".

How to build a Sales Team


So you're building your sales team. Hiring, training, monitoring, mentoring, evaluating…these are words that will quickly fill your days and nights.

Firstly, congratulations. Because it means you are scaling- you have a product market fit and now growing customers to grow revenue. Great place to be in .

Now, If you’ve handled a sales team before, this is good fun. Meeting candidates, hearing their sales stories, evaluating their fit to the company, assigning roles and responsibilities, compensation discussions, incentives, team building, culture. Wow, its great fun.