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Diwali advertising 2020


Well, Isn’t Diwali a time for something new?

For a festival that thrives on bringing in the new, one would think marketers would search for that bright new spark (pun intended) to set aside their advertising. After all, it’s a big season - with some categories reporting 50% of annual sales around the time.

It’s also a festival that comes towards the end of the Roman year, one would think leaving us with a lot to look back upon. How a world changed. How it met new challenges, and how its readying for the year ahead.

The CARS24 advertising journey

Cars24 New Ad Campaign

So what do you think works well for your brand? Emotional advertising? Functional advertising? Both?

The recent CARS24 campaign got us thinking about this. Selling your car via a tech enabled intermediary. CARS24 is creating a whole new experience in facilitating the sale of your car. As someone who has both the pre and post CARS24 car selling experience, CARS24 was a blessing. No more newspaper ads, OLX pesky callers, brokers – I was in control of the selling experience.

So no surprise that it has been a very fast growing company building the market as well as bringing in competition into the category.