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Pricing a digital marketing project


As a Marketplace for marketing agencies, we find a large variety of clients coming to the platform. Digital marketing is one of the key service lines today and clients are often taking their first steps in this realm. They are filled with uncertainty on the process, on the costs, on the results.

Of course, a key question the algorithm asks clients is about the budget they have in mind in order to find the right agency match. Many are awkward to talk about it and often respond with “don’t know” or “please advise”.


Greenhouse LinkedIn.png

While we focused on B2C brands on Linkedin last week ( Sugar Cosmetics and Pee Safe ), this week we look at how B2B brands are doing this, with an the example of Greenhouse Inc., a software that helps the recruitment industry.

With 28k followers, it has a very vibrant Linkedin page highlighting the power of good, and diverse content in engaging customers and employees.

Greenhouse software mixes company news, influencers, thought articles and employee highlights to build itself as a vibrant thought leader in the industry, and a great place to work.


Orient Bell Tiles - LinkedIn.png

Continuing our focus on building your brands social media presence on Linkedin (See: Sugar Cosmetics and Pee Safe ) , this week we look at how a legacy but resurgent brand in the B2B and B2C is doing this, with an the example ofOrient Bell Tiles.

A challenger in the market dominated by Kajaria, Somnay and H&R Johnson, OBL is using social media intelligently to build a share of voice larger than its relative market share.

Can we avoid Digital Marketing?


Over the past few months, as physical mobility has been impacted, brands have looked online for two important needs:

  • Getting products/services to consumers
  • Getting brand messages to consumers

For many companies, large and small, a strong sales team was the solution to getting products on shop shelves, and communication to the shop walls.

Now as the offline world is restricted, companies and brands are looking for more efficient and effective ways to reach their distribution channels and their consumers.

The best way to WIN new clients for your Marketing agency.


We all know how referrals are a powerful source of repeat business for marketing agencies. When a happy client recommends us to someone he knows, we are riding on the trust of the relationship the two share. This eases the process of creating trust with the potential client. And so, haven’t some of our best wins have been through referrals?

But sometimes the referral well does dry up. Economic conditions change, or clients themselves don’t have any further introductions to make. Sometime existing projects haven’t gone so well. Much can impact the flow of leads for marketing agencies; especially the referral flow.

GroCurv, a sales and marketing services marketplace, is in the “stranger winning high value business from strangers business".