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Diwali advertising 2020


Well, Isn’t Diwali a time for something new?

For a festival that thrives on bringing in the new, one would think marketers would search for that bright new spark (pun intended) to set aside their advertising. After all, it’s a big season - with some categories reporting 50% of annual sales around the time.

It’s also a festival that comes towards the end of the Roman year, one would think leaving us with a lot to look back upon. How a world changed. How it met new challenges, and how its readying for the year ahead.

Marketing 2.0: How marketers must respond to these radical times.

Marketing 2.0.png

As the Corona virus pandemic started to take root, we are seeing a shift to projects around internal and external communication; employee engagement. And interestingly a lot of brands speaking on a digital first world for themselves and asking how to go about it.

As the virus has a full hold on the economy, these questions from our clients compelled us to think of how brands are assessing the environment and how they believe consumers will emerge out of the pandemic.