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The Moms Co.png

Continuing our focus on building your brands social media presence on Linkedin (See: Sugar Cosmetics, Pee Safe and Orient Bell Tiles ) , this week we look at how a young vibrant brand in the B2C is doing this, with an the example of The Moms Co.

Natural, Safe, Effective & Australia Certified toxin-free skincare, The Moms Co.’s gentle pregnancy skincare products were formulated by experts across India, Australia and Switzerland to provide practical solutions during pregnancy, and after childbirth.

Pricing a digital marketing project


As a Marketplace for marketing agencies, we find a large variety of clients coming to the platform. Digital marketing is one of the key service lines today and clients are often taking their first steps in this realm. They are filled with uncertainty on the process, on the costs, on the results.

Of course, a key question the algorithm asks clients is about the budget they have in mind in order to find the right agency match. Many are awkward to talk about it and often respond with “don’t know” or “please advise”.



How to use various social media platforms has been an interesting question asked on the GroCurv marketplace often.

In responding to these questions, we decided to look at how brands (SME) are using Linkedin and what are the good success stories out there. B2C as well as B2B.

This week, we are looking at PeeSafe. Founded in 2013, by Vikas Bagaria, a serial entrepreneur and a seasoned businessman, PeeSafe is among the fastest growing personal hygiene brands in the country today.

Why do we like Google PPC


Why we believe in Google Pay Per Click advertising for our business

Firstly, a very quick definition of what Google PPC (Pay per click is all about).

People search for products and services on google.

As a seller, you have the option to advertise your website when such a search happens. When a prospective customer then sees your advertisement on the search page and clicks to reach your webpage, you pay google some money.

Diwali advertising 2020


Well, Isn’t Diwali a time for something new?

For a festival that thrives on bringing in the new, one would think marketers would search for that bright new spark (pun intended) to set aside their advertising. After all, it’s a big season - with some categories reporting 50% of annual sales around the time.

It’s also a festival that comes towards the end of the Roman year, one would think leaving us with a lot to look back upon. How a world changed. How it met new challenges, and how its readying for the year ahead.