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Entries for tag "Consumer Centricity"

The CARS24 advertising journey

Cars24 New Ad Campaign

So what do you think works well for your brand? Emotional advertising? Functional advertising? Both?

The recent CARS24 campaign got us thinking about this. Selling your car via a tech enabled intermediary. CARS24 is creating a whole new experience in facilitating the sale of your car. As someone who has both the pre and post CARS24 car selling experience, CARS24 was a blessing. No more newspaper ads, OLX pesky callers, brokers – I was in control of the selling experience.

So no surprise that it has been a very fast growing company building the market as well as bringing in competition into the category.

What I learnt from WhiteHat Jr.


I am a fan of WhiteHat Jr. The service they provide is a useful service and which parent hasn’t thought of exposing their child to coding and computer science as early as possible?

We tried a neighborhood center for the same, which was a great experience, and hence when I heard of WHJ, I spoke to my wife to consider this for our son.

And so began our experience and journey.

Marketing 2.0: How marketers must respond to these radical times.

Marketing 2.0.png

As the Corona virus pandemic started to take root, we are seeing a shift to projects around internal and external communication; employee engagement. And interestingly a lot of brands speaking on a digital first world for themselves and asking how to go about it.

As the virus has a full hold on the economy, these questions from our clients compelled us to think of how brands are assessing the environment and how they believe consumers will emerge out of the pandemic.