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Guest Post: New habits develop, when the old ones are simply unsustainable!


As the Corona pandemic forces us into isolation, how will business and business interactions transform?

We asked this question to our agency partners.

Their responses clearly point in one direction. People are accepting online working, online discussions and online DEAL CLOSURES. Life is changing for the sales man. Its time to prepare for a new feature.

Considering Social Media for your Brand? Stop Right Here!

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As a brand, what are your key imperatives? – Creating brand awareness, generating sales, enhancing brand recall, managing your brand’s reputation and creating the right positioning in the minds of your consumers, maybe?

Social media channels can do it all for you. It just takes a seasoned social media marketeer to make the most of the social media tools available

Digital Marketing 101: The Starter’s Guide for Aspiring Brands

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High levels of internet penetration in India and evolving consumer behavior exhibited through social media are two important reasons why marketers must walk down the digital route.

While by no means “Cheap”, digital marketing is more accessiblethan any other medium today and that is a reason why we believe launching brands requires a very clear digital approach.

A clear marketing strategy with well defined objectives, in conjunction with a good digital marketing agency have seen clients get results

Social Listening: CARS24

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Founded in 2015, CARS24's mission is to revolutionize the way used cars are sold in India. CARS24 creates an efficient and reliable way for car owners to sell their used cars at a reasonable price. Since its inception, CARS24 has grown at breakneck speed, becoming the default car selling (and now also car buying) destination.

As part of our weekly social listening exercise, this week we look at how CARS24 has used social media to establish connect with its consumer segment.



Founded in 2009 by husband-wife duo Vivek Prabhakar and Shubhra Chadda, Chumbak started off by making souvenirs. Gradually, it diversified its offerings across 100 categories, including fashion and travel accessories, bags and wallets, and decor. In late 2015, it forayed into the apparel category. The brand, now present in offline and online stores is identified by its signature bright colorful design features.

We turned our social listening tools to the brand to understand how they use social media to establish connect with consumers.