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The secret and most important ingredient to building your BRAND.


Hyperbolic statements often raise eyebrows. The most important ingredient in brand building? And that too…TIME?

Well, we are simply trying to make a point that consistency has a very big impact on how your brand is perceived and hence, develops.

Consistency is the sum (or product) of time and sameness. Repeating the same message again and again and again. Which means that if the message is relevant, hearing it said in the same way helps a consumer find reassurance. And from that reassurance, builds trust.

How to think about Public Relations?


Young brands and companies are in a hurry to get noticed. PR is definitely one good tool to bring your brand into daily conversation. However there is a difference between PR or a short burst of activity and mentions in popular mediums (press/ TV/ radio). Sometime a young brand asks for PR measured by “How many mentions will I get in 30 days?”

Notice the word relations in public relations. Relationships are not built in short time frames. Often the most valuable and cherished associations built on trust authenticity and respect take months if not years to build.

How your Digital Marketing agency helps you WIN!

Digital Marketing.png

Companies come to the Grocurv platform looking for advertising and marketing agencies and one of the questions they ask is “What difference does an agency make? “

Over the past two years we have seen many clients engaged with agencies successfully and the big impact areas are what we discuss in this blog. Specifically we are dealing with an organic engagement in this blog.

What that means is that agency partner is creating content on your behalf on social media without spending money to push that content before a wider audience. You rely on the quality of content to give you reach in social media.



How to use various social media platforms has been an interesting question asked on the GroCurv marketplace often.

Companies, fast growing but smaller in size have often wondered about Linkedin.

  • How do we start?
  • How much?
  • What kind of content?

This week, we are looking at mCaffeine. mCaffeine’s founders, Vikas Lachhwani and Tarun Sharma started the company in 2016. The choice of Coffee as the key ingredient came about because while researching extracts, they found online literature which stated that caffeine is very nourishing for the skin. And from then, the team has never looked back.