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Top 6 KPIs for Digital Marketing Agencies


In the past decade, continuing advances in technology have ensured that the ‘science’ of marketing has evolved tremendously. With the advent of digital channels and social media, marketing today is measured more precisely than ever before.

So, while an outsider may view digital marketing activities as a hit-or-miss phenomenon, agencies know that this is clearly not the case and that marketing success is quite measurable. The most important metric for digital marketing agencies while measuring the success of a campaign are KPIs, or Key Performance Indicators.

What you can do with Digital Marketing – B2B

B2B Digital.png

Lets now skip the part where we are discussing how the world has changed post the pandemic. How businesses are going from offline to online. How people are still hesitant to step into offices, and shake hands. How business development has changed.

From at home tuition teachers to bakers, to small and medium enterprises- everyone who relied on existing clients and word of mouth to grow business has now to take a new look at finding growth opportunities.

Building Trust in a Digital First World


Whether Uber, Amazon, or Tinder: we crave to build trust, because trust takes us further. Without trust, how would we leave the confines of our homes and families to explore the beyond. To know the unknown. Lonely is the soul that doesn't trust. 

A digital world, full of information about us is a conduit to building trust quickly; and that's why I love these times we live in. So many tools for us to build trust in one another.