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Social Listening - PEESAFE


Peesafe is a brand that has identified a very powerful consumer need, relevant to a vast majority of its TG (women). It also appears to deliver well on the promise of safety and hygiene.

Bringing more consumers to share in the brand journey by co-creating content could be a very powerful way of creating affinity and stickiness with the brand as the category starts to expand in the years ahead.

How can social listening help your brand?


Dyson launched in India in 2018 and you’d now be starting to see their exclusive stores around you and commercials in various media, and definitely more and more products in homes around you.

As fans of the brand, we decided to track Dyson’s presence in social media in India , what kind of stories and story-tellers are talking about it. Here’s our first track for Sep-Oct 2019.

The Importance of Social Listening: The Diagnostics battles


Social media is not about what “the brand manager” says. Hers is only one voice, supported by campaign monies. But consumers listen better to other consumers. The brand today is built by consumers. Social media allows for the start of a dialogue. But the narrative is shaped by millions of your brand’s customers. Staying involved in those conversations is critical.